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Rule 1 (Teams and playing format)
Playing rules are the world eight ball pool federation rules, and a copy must be displayed in the vicinity of the pool table. Matches will be played on a format of thirteen singles for world rules. Tw...
Rule 2 (Arrangements for and commencement of matches)
All matches are to commence by 8 pm on Tuesdays and 7.30 pm on Sundays unless otherwise instructed or previously agreed. Re arranging of matches is not allowed.
Rule 3 (Qualification of players)
Registration of new players will be allowed at any time during the season. All signings must be completed at least 24 hrs prior to the match by adding to the player's list. Failure to follow these ins...
Rule 4 (Referees and Disputes)
Each team will supply a referee (home team to be 1st ref, away team to be 2nd ref i.e. timekeeper). In the event of a dispute, the referee shall consult the playing rules before making a decision. If
Rule 5 (Reporting of Results)
Winning team to correctly enter result a.s.a.p. but in any case by noon on Thursday immediately following the match. Any match carrying over to Thursday has until noon Saturday to submit a result. The...
Rule 6 (Short Teams)
In the event that a team is short of players for a match, the opposing team will be awarded any frames for which they have no opposition (in accordance with rule 1.2). Any frames claimed must be after...
Rule 7 (Venues and changes of venues)
All teams must register their home venue with the league. The minimum desirable requirement for an acceptable venue shall be: A seven-foot table being th
Rule 8 (Availability of league rules)
A copy of these league rules and current official playing rules (
Rule 9 (Promotion and Relegation)
If two or more teams are tied in positions affecting the championship, promotion or relegation places the tie shall be broken as follows: The team having won the greater number of frames shall take p
Rule 10 (Trophies to be awarded)
Ten player trophies will be awarded to players of the winning and runner-up teams in each division.  These trophies may be kept. The league will award team trophies to the winning and runner-up team
Rule 11 ( Clubs withdrawing or failing to fulfil fixtures)
Any team, which fails to fulfil more than one fixture, will be expelled for that season. All results against them will be expunged. (In cup matches failure to fulfil a fixture, will mean exclusion fro...
Rule 12 (Coaching)
Coaching is deemed to be unsportsmanlike behaviour and will result in a warning. Further breach will result in the frame being awarded away.
Rule 13 (Meetings)
Captains meetings: - only called when deemed necessary by the committee. For players to call an e.g.m. they must have obtained at least 30 signatures of league members. These should be gained on shee

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